180+ Soup Puns & Jokes

Best Soup Puns

  1. What do we call two thousand pounds of Chinese soup? It is called won – ton!
  2. What is the difference between pea soup and roast beef? Everyone would roast beef.
  3. Why don’t these children eat their soup? Because all of them is stew-pid.
  4. If mom leaves her alphabet soup on the stove and forgets about it, it would spell disaster.
  5. My father loves eating reams of soup. That is the reason why I think he should be nominated to the Soup – ream – court!
  6. What do the ducks have for dinner? They have Quackers and soup.
  7. Do you know what is so special about the alphabet soup of Twitter? It only allows 140 letters.
  8. We all know that the New England Patriots have their soup in the Super Bowl.
  9. Fake ramen noodles are also called the impasta.
  10. If fish is a type of brain food, then dumb people probably love eating noodle soup.
  11. When we spill soup on the comic book, we will get soup-erman.
  12. If we cross lobster bisque and Elon Musk, what we have is a soup-er car
  13. What makes the soup of a dragon so delicious is the addition of firecrackers.
  14. Do you know what the favourite soup of a ghost is? It is the Scream of Broccoli.
  15. My mom is really soup-rised at the outcome when she puts yeast in the broth.
  16. Mum, you are my soup-er star.
  17. Hey, you are going to marry? Are you pho real?
  18. Baby, you always make miso happy!
  19. I am a huge fan of local cuisine, and cooking is my soup-er power!
  20. Do not eat that alphabet soup, or you will have a vowel movement.
  21. I am really broth-taking when I see the signer vomiting soup.
  22. Mom, what do we have for dinner? I cannot tell you, son, it is a soup-rise! Is it soup? I soup-pose it would be.
  23. Do you want to try my soup? I have enough for broth of us!
  24. I am soup-er into the beautiful girl that I met yesterday at school.
  25. Udon even know how to cook this udon recipe. Fortunately, I can teach you.
  26. Many people have a mythical belief about soup. It is called soup–erstition.
  27. The best way to make gold soup is to add 22 carrots.
  28. Do you know why do the hipsters burn their tongue? It is because they eat their soup before it gets cool.
  29. If your team loses the Souper Bowl, then be prepared for a lot of boouillons from your fans.
  30. The easiest way to know that you are eating a bowl of rabbit soup is to take a look inside and find a hare in it.
  31. Soup is only musical when it is piping hot.
  32. I have pea soup for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s why I pea soup all night!
  33. Is beef soup good for our health? Not if you are the cow.
  34. Do you know what firemen often add to their soup? – They add firecrackers.
  35. I am pretty sure that the favourite soup of Dracula is the Scream of tomato.
  36. What do we call a chicken inside a hot tub? – It is called soup.
  37. After his meal, the cannibal wipes his mouth and says: “My wife cooks the greatest soup in the world. But I will miss her so much.”
  38. “My bowl of soup must be cracked as it is all wet down here”. “Well, I guess it is because your soup has a leek in it.
  39. Movie producers always say that they feature sex scenes because sex plays an indispensable part of our life. So why don’t they feature more soup scenes? Soup is also essential to our life and nobody gets tired of having soup in their meals.
  40. It is a bad film because good ones tend to have created atop day-old soup.
  41. If you want day-old soup, then come back here tomorrow!
  42. Have you ever wondered if illiterate people would get the full effects of alphabet soup?
  43. Hey vampire! Eat all of your soup before it gets clotted.
  44. Which hand should we use to stir the soup? It is better to stir the soup with a spoon!
  45. How can we tell the difference between a can of beef soup and a can of pork soup? Just read the labels.
  46. The soup that she cooks is so thick that the kitchen would go around when she stirs it.
  47. My mother is so fastidious that she eats her alphabet soup in the alphabetical order.
  48. The bowl of soup you bought yesterday from the Chinese restaurant was souper terrible.
  49. Awesome! I totally fell for this bowl of pho.
  50. In some way, being a bowl of soup is like being a man. You are only blown when you are hot!
  51. When soup feels strained and stressed, where would it go? – A broth-el!
  52. If you are a fan of alphabet soup, then you might also know times new ramen.
  53. My friends say that I cannot cook alphabet soup for this dinner. And now they are eating their words.
  54. “Mom, what do we have for this dinner?” – “I cannot tell you. It is a little soup-prise, son!”
  55. I love having dinner in a local restaurant. It has a soup-erb speciality that mixes soup and herbs.
  56. You are going to do souper great on the exam tomorrow. And your family will be souper proud of you.
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Soup-erb Soup Puns

180 soup puns jokes 5
  1. I ordered two thousand pounds of Chinese soup. Technically, it was a won-ton soup.
  2. When I refused to have the soup, my sister said “People who do not have soup are stew-pid”.
  3. The superhero who loves to have soup all the time, is called souper-man.
  4. My mum makes the best soups. She is a real soup-erstar.
  5. Everyone says that the clear soup I cook for dinner has healing properties. I consider it to be my soup-er power.
  6. The doctor said, “If you have the alphabet soup, you will have great vowel movement”.
  7. When I asked my mum what she cooked for dinner, she replied saying “It is a soup-rise”.
  8. When my sister asked me if there was enough dinner cooked. I told her “I cooked enough soup for the broth of us”.
  9. My dad believes it is good to have soup before my meal. He is very soup-erstitious.

Cool Soup Puns

180 soup puns jokes 4
  1. I asked my mom to make me gold soup for dinner. She added 24 carrots to my soup.
  2. One bowl of soup said to the other, “Hello Broth-er”.
  3. This local restaurant serves all kinds of broth. It has a soup-erb menu.
  4. When I took a break from having soup, my mom said “Carry on, why did you stoup?”
  5. The cook added some yeast in my broth yesterday. We were both soup-rised with the outcome.
  6. He is the best chef in the city. His soups take my broth away.
  7. I did not have enough ingredients to cook soup for all of us. My mum said, “You can get chicken broth in bulk at the stock market”.
  8. The cold broth is known to have lived in Stock-holm.
  9. I earned money by selling broth. Now I am a bouillonaire.
  10. When the chef asked me how I would like my soup, I said “I would like minestrone”.

Cool Broth Puns

180 soup puns jokes 3
  1. When she asked me if I like soup, I replied saying “I am crazy pho soups”.
  2. He refused to cook noodle soup for his wife. His wife told him “You are a hopeless ramen-tic”.
  3. I loved the soup that they served at the local restaurant yesterday. It was simply pho-nomenol.
  4. My mom likes to feed everyone the soup she makes. She said it is her broth right.
  5. The supermarket did not have soups. They said they’re out of stock.
  6. My mum told my dad how much I like her alphabet soup. She put words in my mouth.
  7. The soup chef changed the design of his menu. He said his new favorite font is Times New Ramen.
  8. The man on the table found hair in his soup. He said in rage “I will take the chef to soup-reme court”.
  9. No one laughed at my soup puns. I said “When I crack a soup joke, everyone is soup-posed to laugh”.
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Funny Soup Puns

  1. I told mom to be careful while cooking dinner. I told her “If you spill a bowl of alphabet soup, it could spell disaster”.
  2. When the fly could not come out of the bowl of soup, it said “I am in a soup”.
  3. An adult chicken with a broken leg can be healed with chicken soup.
  4. I was souper excited to hear some soup puns for the comic chef – but his performance did not excite miso much.
  5. I would choose mashed potatoes over pea soup. While I can mash potatoes, I can’t pea soup.
  6. The rabbit soup was not as good as I expected it to be. It had hare in it.
  7. I was straining some old noodles but eventually, I chickened out. It was such a broth-er.

Amazing Soupy Puns

  1. Ducks love to have Quacker and Soup for dinner.
  2. When Elon Musk orders soup at a restaurant, it is a soup-er car combination.
  3. A ghost’s favorite soup is Scream of Brocolli.
  4. Having chicken broth before the game was a sure shot way to maintain energy for the Soup-er Bowl.
  5. My soup was musical. It was piping hot.
  6. A chicken inside a hot tub is called soup.
  7. The soup spilled all over. There was leek in my soup.
  8. When the chef asked me if I want a soup-er salad, I said “A regular one is fine”.
  9. If you coriander into my tomato soup, you will give me a soup-herb dish.

Great Soup Puns

  1. My mom said “Adding herbs to your soup will make it taste more delicious”. It was a sage advice given by my mum.
  2. My sister added sugar to her soup instead of salt. She became the laughing stock for the night.
  3. The soup was too spicy to be had by us. It was the borscht soup I had ever had.
  4. A soup and stew are very different. While one is stew-pendous, the other is soup-er.
  5. She likes to have her chicken broth only after dinner time. It is her soup-per.
  6. The police officer only had soups for dinner. He was a soup-erintendent.
  7. The Japanese restaurant has soup-erior broth than the Chinese restaurant in the city.
  8. The small shop only stocks up soup. It is a small soup-er market.
  9. The chef taught me how to cook brilliant soups. He soup-ervised me very well.
  10. I sent back the soup served to me at the restaurant. It was not of soup-reme quality.

Best Puns Related To Soup

  1. Miso Soup is the most self aware soup.
  2. The Japanese restaurant serves the best soups. It will always make miso happy.
  3. I called the local restaurant and told them “I want a table for pho”.
  4. When I said “God, Thank you for this delicious noodle soup”, my dad said “Ramen”.
  5. I caught my sister click and post a picture of the soupy noodles yesterday. She was actively instagramen.

Witty Soup Puns

  1. You should try the amazing Vietnamese soup restaurant in the city. They serve soups pho 2 dollars.
  2. When I complained about the soup, the chef said “Udon even know the real taste of soup”.
  3. Cannibals prefer cooked men to ramen.
  4. When I was learning how to cook soups, my mum asked me to follow my instinct. She asked me to go with the pho.
  5. When she spotted fake ramen in her soup, she said, “ This soup has impasta in it.”
  6. The soup that my mom made for dinner healed my flu in a day. It was almost soup-er natural.
  7. The healthy soup recipe was suggested to us by the nutritionist. It soup-erseded the old unhealthy creamy soup we used to have for dinner.
  8. The soup was busy and preoccupied. He was stewing over something his friend said.
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The Hottest Soup Puns And Jokes

180 soup puns jokes 2
  1. What is the most acidic soup? Ph0.
  2. You are the one pho me!
  3. If you are a fan of alphabet soup, you should also try times new ramen.
  4. I’ve decided to invest all my money in soup stocks. I want to be a bouillonaire.
  5. What’s the difference between roast beef and pea soup? You can roast beef, but you can’t pee soup!
  6. What do you call a soup that’s served in a haunted restaurant? Soup-ernatural.
  7. A waitress asked me: “Soup or salad?”. I said just a regular salad would be fine.
  8. You are my soup-erstar!
  9. When I refused to have the soup, my sister said, “People who do not have soup are stew-pid”.
  10. The superhero who loves to have soup all the time is called souper-man.
  11. What do you call it when you mix a laxative with alphabet soup? Letter rip.
  12. What do you call a person who made a painting with soup? Stewart.
  13. Did you hear about this new soup that’s highly in demand? I wanted to buy it at the soup-ermarket but it was out of stock.
  14. How many beans do you need to make the perfect bean soup? 239 because one more would be too farty.
  15. Cooking is my soup-erpower!
  16. Do not eat that alphabet soup, or you will have a massive vowel movement.
  17. “What do we have for dinner?”, “I cannot tell you, it’s a soup-rise!”, “Is it soup? I soup-pose I will have to wait to find out!”.
  18. Why is haunted soup the best? Because it’s soup-eerier.
  19. What do you call a soup factory run by prostitutes? A brothel.
  20. What do you call Vietnamese soup that is really, really good? Pho-nomenal!
  21. What do you call the biggest size of soup you can order in restaurants? Souper size.
  22. When I was little my parents always gave me alphabet soup claiming that I liked it but they were just putting words in my mouth.
  23. How do you make gold soup? You add 24 carrots.
  24. When she asked me if I like soup, I replied saying “I am crazy pho soups”.
  25. The wife told her husband he was a hopeless ramen-tic.
  26. The man found hare in his rabbit soup. He said in rage, “I will take the chef to soup-reme court!”.
  27. You make miso happy!
  28. One soup said to the other, “Let’s be friends pho-ever!”.
  29. He had soup all over his face but he was not broth-ed at all.
  30. One bowl of soup said to the other, “Hello Broth-er”.
  31. A ghost’s favorite soup is Scream of Brocolli.
  32. I called the local restaurant and told them “I want a table for pho”.
  33. When I said “God, Thank you for this delicious noodle soup”, my dad said “Ramen”.
  34. I caught my sister posting a picture of her soup yesterday. She is an active instagramen.
  35. When I complained about the soup, the chef said: “Udon even know what the soup should taste like!”.
  36. I mixed too much laxative into my alphabet soup and I got verbal diarrhea.
  37. Where can you buy soup in bulk? The stock market.
  38. Being a man is like being a bowl of soup. You only get blown if you’re hot.