50+ Avocado Puns & Jokes

Avocado puns

  1. This guacamole isn’t just good—it’s avocado this world!
  2. I have lots of extra avocados. You want one? Havocado!
  3. How much do I love guacamole? Avocadon’t get me started!
  4. My baby brother already loves guacamole. He’s an avo-kiddo!
  5. To make an avocado disappear, say “Avocadabra!”
  6. The number of units in one guacaMOLE of any substance: “Avocadro’s Number.”
  7. Forget weights, it’s avo-cardio day
  8. You have a avo-can do spirit!
  9. Bravocado!
  10. I’m avocontrol!
  11. Avo good one!
  12. And they lived happily avo after
  13. Avocadon’t get me started
  14. You’re everything I avo wanted
  15. Avo a great birthday!
  16. I avocadon’t care
  17. Things are allripe for now
  18. A move in the ripe direction

Funny avocado one-liners

Avocado Puns
  1. A toast!
  2. I tried to make guacamole with an unripe avocado. It was pit-iful.
  3. So wrong, but so ripe!
  4. It’s OK, guacamole. I’m extra too.
  5. I’m trying to learn how to find a ripe avocado. It’s not that hard.
  6. I just want to avo good time!

Guacamole puns

Avocado Puns
  1. It’s 5:00—guactail hour!
  2. I’ve hit guac bottom.
  3. I found a perfectly ripe avocado. It was so good, it guaced my world!
  4. When I was asked if I preferred burritos or tacos, I didn’t know how to answer. I was stuck between a guac and a hard place.
  5. I tried to put so much dip on my chip, it broke in half. It was guac-ward.
  6. My dad is teaching me to make guacamole. He says I’m a chip off the old guac.
  7. My new shoes have avocados on them—time to go for a guac!
  8. Two avocados got into a fight. It was a guacamelee.
  9. Rock out with your guac out
  10. You guac my world
  11. In a while guaco-dile
  12. That’s got guac-ward
  13. I’m between a guac and a hard place
  14. It’s guac-tail hour!
  15. You have guac to be kidding me
  16. I’ve hit guac bottom
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Avocado jokes

Avocado Puns
  1. What did the taco say to the guacamole? Avocado crush on you.
  2. What do you call an overly affectionate avocado? An avocuddle!
  3. How do avocado spies communicate? They use guacie-talkies!
  4. What’s an avocado’s favorite musical theater song? “It’s a Hard Guac Life.”
  5. And what do you say to an avocado after they perform a fabulous rendition of it? “Bravocado!”

Hass Avocado Puns

Avocado Puns
  1. Kiss my hass!
  2. Hass, queen!
  3. Hass, if!
  4. Hass, we can!
  5. The time hass come
  6. Thanks for your hass-pitality