150+ Orange Puns & Jokes

Best Orange Puns and One-Liners

  1. Bitter late than never.
  2. I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m kind of a big peel.
  3. Better late than navel.
  4. All zest up, no place to grow!
  5. Don’t call us — peel call you.
  6. The next person that asks me for pineapple juice, cranberry juice, lemonade, and a slice of orange all in the same glass is gonna get a “punch.”
  7. I’m scared I’m turning orange. Hopefully, it’s just a pigment of my imagination!
  8. Help me orange things around here.
  9. I’m not half the person I juiced to be.
  10. Peel the burn.
  11. Orange you glad you met me?
  12. Fruity is only skin deep.
  13. Can you peel the love tonight?
  14. Back to the daily grind.
  15. All you seed is love.
  16. Mind your own squeezewax!
  17. You’re my zest friend.
  18. It’s all about the peel good factor.
  19. I give this orange the peel of approval.
  20. Rinders keepers!

Best Orange Jokes

150+ Orange Puns & Jokes (2)
  1. What happened when the orange broke out of prison? All heck broke juice.
  2. Why did the orange fall out of the tree? It went out on a limb.
  3. Why do oranges wear sunblock? Because they peel.
  4. Last night I dreamt I was swimming in orange soda. It turned out to be a “fanta-sea.”
  5. Why did the orange turn into orange juice? It couldn’t handle the pressure.
  6. Why did the orange go out with the prune? Lately, it’s been so hard to find a date.
  7. How do oranges communicate with one another? They speak in Mandarin.
  8. What do you get when you stir orange soda with a stick? A “fanta-stick” combination.
  9. Why did the orange stop in the middle of the road? It ran out of juice.
  10. Why do oranges see so well? Because they know to keep their eyes peeled.
  11. Why does the yogi meditate under the citrus tree? Because it’s a sub-lime spot.
  12. Why did the orange go to the doctor? It wasn’t “peeling” well.
  13. Why do oranges do well on tests? They know how to concentrate.
  14. Why did the orange’s musical number receive a bad review? Because it wasn’t an “orange-inal.”
  15. Why was the orange skeptical of everyone around him? He was planted with a seed of doubt.
  16. What do you call a punctual citrus fruit? A Clockwork Orange.
  17. A lemon says to an orange, “What are you up to?” The orange replies, “Not much. Just hanging ‘round.”
  18. What did the orange do the night before the exam? He put his nose to the “g-rind-stone” and read the entire textbook.
  19. Why did the orange get pulled over while driving? He kept peeling out.
  20. What is a vampire’s favorite fruit? A blood orange.
  21. What happened when an orange, an apple, and a banana all went on a picnic together? They had a “fruit-ful” day.
  22. Why couldn’t the orange dance in the talent show without his partner? Because it takes two to “tang-o.”
  23. What rhymes with orange? No, it doesn’t.
  24. What’s orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot.
  25. Why was the orange feeling sad? It lost its zest for life.
  26. Did you hear about the orange boxer? He got beaten to a pulp.
  27. Why are oranges so observant? They’re full of vitamin “see.”
  28. Why did the orange cry? Someone hurt its peelings.
  29. What happens when you rub two oranges together? You get Pulp Friction.
  30. What did the oranges do after concluding the meeting? They peeled the deal.
  31. Why did the orange come back after it was thrown in the garbage? It was a boom-orange.
  32. Which Star Wars character was the orange cast for? Emperor Pulpatine.
  33. What do oranges like to listen to? Musical com-peel-ations.
  34. Why was the orange the valedictorian of her class? She was the zest in class.
  35. Why did the orange refuse her parents’ insistence that she get engaged? She was against orange-d marriages.
  36. Why did the orange help the old lady cross the road? To do a random act of rindness.
  37. What would Santa’s name be if he wore orange instead of red? Fanta Claus.
  38. What happened when the orange, apple, and banana went on a picnic? They had a fruit-ful day.
  39. Why did the orange get insurance? Zest in case.
  40. What did one orange say to its friend telling a wild story? “That’s un-peel-ievalbe!”
  41. Why did the blonde stare at the carton of orange juice? It said concentrate.
  42. Why did the orange go out with a prune? He couldn’t find a date.
  43. Why do oranges wear suntan lotion? They peel in the sun.
  44. What did the apple teacher say to her student? Help me orange the chairs please!
  45. What did mamma orange say to little orange after he spilled his milk? It’s no big peel!
  46. What do oranges have after a hard work out? Juice!
  47. What’s an orange’s favourite animal? An orange-utan.
  48. Why did the orange lose his job at the factory? He didn’t concentrate.
  49. What did the orange say when a knife pierced it’s peel? Flesh wound.
  50. What are the longest lasting relationships in the fruit world? Orange-d marriages.
  51. What did the insulted orange say to the kiwi? Ex-squeeze-me?
  52. Why did the lemon like the orange? He’s not from concentrate.
  53. Which language do oranges use to speak to each other? Mandarin.
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Fruity Orange Puns

150+ Orange Puns & Jokes (3)
  1. Orange you going to say anything?
  2. Don’t sweet the small stuff.
  3. I’ll be there in half a sour.
  4. Could you help me orange the fruit bowl?
  5. Pip, pip, hooray!
  6. A pip off the old block.
  7. You’ve got a bit of a pip on your shoulder.
  8. I would like more than one orange please, in fact give me Seville.
  9. I’ll stay as long as you seed me to.
  10. A hop, pip and a jump.
  11. My favorite color is tangerine- isn’t that orange-inal?
  12. I’m scared I’m turning orange, hopefully it’s just a pigment of my imagination.

Orange Juice Puns

  1. Get juiced to it.
  2. Life’s a squeeze.
  3. I’m juiced around the corner.
  4. Squeezed as punch.
  5. I’m at a bit of a juice end.
  6. I would love to focus on peeling this orange, but I’m finding it hard to concentrate!
  7. I had a dream about swimming in orange juice, perhaps it was just a fanta-sea.
  8. Squeeze don’t go!
  9. I’m juiced so pleased with the fruits of my labour.
  10. Squeeze the day!

Orange Zest Puns

150+ Orange Puns & Jokes (5)
  1. All the zest.
  2. You’re my zest friend.
  3. Time to put these oranges to the zest.
  4. You look like you’re zest for success.
  5. I would go to the party, but I’m just not feeling my zest.
  6. All zest up, with no place to grow!
  7. Laughter is the zest medicine.
  8. I zest my case.
  9. And the zest was history.
  10. I love your orange party zest!
  11. I was stunned by their beauty, it was very a-zest-ing.

Orange Peel Puns

  1. I’m not sure if you know this but, I’m kind of a big peel.
  2. That’s a bit of a peel breaker for me.
  3. Just another way to sweeten the peel.
  4. I would love an orange slice, they are just such an a-peel-ing fruit.
  5. It’s all about the peel good factor.
  6. I’m head over peels in love with orange squash.
  7. I’m going out of my rind!
  8. I don’t really like orange juice, it just doesn’t a-peel to me.
  9. Ok rind it up guys.
  10. Do you rind?
  11. Did you hear the news? Absolutely a-peel-ing!
  12. Don’t call us…peel call you.
  13. We are going rind in circles.
  14. You are driving me rind the bend!
  15. Keep your eyes peeled.
  16. Random acts of rindness.
  17. Back to the daily rind.
  18. I couldn’t believe it either- it’s un-peel-ievable!
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Orange Puns for Significant Others

150+ Orange Puns & Jokes (5)
  1. Orange you glad you met me!
  2. Orange you the sweetest?
  3. You are frutiful!
  4. Orange you glad we found each other?

Miscellaneous Orange Puns

  1. Orange you having a good time?
  2. Loose as a juice!
  3. I’m not really that good at puns, but I’m sure we can orange something.
  4. I peel you.
  5. Orange you glad these puns are a-peeling?
  6. That’s a tough peel to swallow.
  7. Orange you glad to see me?
  8. What’s the big peel?
  9. Peel better soon!
  10. Get peel!
  11. I zest my case!
  12. Don’t fruit the messenger.
  13. I can’t concentrate.

Orange Themed Knock Knock Jokes

  1. Last night I dreamt I was swimming in a sea of oranges. I guess it was just a Fanta-sea!
  2. He apologized for driving the orange to the edge of the blade.
  3. Apple and orange were the only two left that evening. Everyone else had dates.
  4. Despite the pun being so orange-inal, it wasn’t all that funny.