110+ Pickle Puns & Jokes

Pickle puns

  • I’m like a jumbo kosher pickle.
    Guess you could say I’m a pretty big dill.
  • I watched a documentary last night about how pickles are made.
    It was jarring.
  • Every day, the pickle sees a green vegetable at the jar who is always waiting for his turn. It must be the queue-cumber.
  • I accidentally dropped some pickle in my Hawaiian punch; I guess it is now trop-pickle.
  • I had to choose between a gherkin and Vlasic; I was in a dill-emma.
  • Cucumber is one vegetable that is always in a pickle.
  • A gas station was selling pickles two-for-one; It was the dill of the day.
  • Brining pickles makes them last much longer than fresh cucumbers, but packing them in an air-tight container—that’s what really seals the dill.
  • You hear about that crazy pickle who thought he was a flower?
    What a daff-o-dill!
  • You are such a dill-light
  • Don’t forget to relish the moment!
  • Are these jokes pickling your funny bone?
  • Hey you! You’re kind of a big dill!
  • Does this pickle your fancy?
  • Have you been gerkin from the office or have you been gerkin from home?
  • A driver was pulled over for throwing a pickle at another car. It wasn’t a Vlasic case of road rage, but it’s still Claussen quite a commotion.

Pickle jokes

  • Why do pickles wear glasses?
    They’re legally brined.
  • What would happen if you got vinegar in the ear?
    A case of pickled hearing.
  • What did one cucumber seed say to the other?
    We’re in a bit of a pickle.
  • Why did Costco stop selling 5-gallon jars of pickles?
    Shelving them was cucumbersome.
  • Why are pickles in sandwiches always so polite?
    They’re well-bread.
  • What’s a pickle’s favorite book?
    To Dill A Mockingbird.
  • What’s a cucumber’s favorite musical instrument?
    A pickle-o.
  • Why is the pickle container always open?
    Because it’s ajar.
  • What did the pickle do when it won the championship?
    He just stood there to relish the moment.
  • What did the pickle say when he walked into the casino and sat down at the card table?
    Dill me in.
  • What do you call a pickle you got at a cheap price?
    A sweet dill.
  • Where do pickles go to buy a car?
    The dillership.
  • What do you call a genius pickle?
    A brine-iac.
  • Who’s a pickle’s favorite artist?
    Salvador Dilli.
  • Where’s a pickle’s favorite place to go in London?
    Pickle-dilly Square.
  • What do you say to a pickle in the morning?
    Rise and brine.
  • On what radio station would you hear Bob Dill-on?
    Vlasic rock.
  • What do you call a pickle that got run over on the road?
    Road dill.
  • What’s a pickle’s life philosophy?
    Never a dill moment.
  • What’s a pickle’s favorite show?
    Dill or No Dill.
  • Who is a pickle’s national treasure? Picolas Cage.
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Pickle jokes for kids

110+ Pickle Puns & Jokes
  • What’s a baby gherkin’s favorite TV channel?
  • What do you get when you cross a pickle with an alligator?
    A crocodill.
  • Why do gerkhins giggle a lot?
    Because they’re pickle-ish.
  • What happens when life gives you pickles instead of lemons?
    You dill with it.
  • Where is the Liberty Dill found?
    In Phila-dill-phia.
  • What’s green and has two wheels?
    A motorpickle.
  • What did the hamburger say to the pickle when they met?
    “You are absolutely dill-icious.”
  • Why did the pickles cross the road?
    Because it was green.
  • What did the waiter say when I asked for pickles on my burger?
    “It’s not a big dill.”
  • What is green and pecks at trees?
    Woody Wood-pickle.
  • What is green and flies?
    Super Pickle!
  • How does a cucumber become a pickle?
    It goes through a jarring experience.
  • Why are pickles so jealous?
    They are always green with envy.

Best Pickle Puns And Jokes

110+ Pickle Puns & Jokes
  • How do pickles enjoy a day out?

They relish it.

  • What’s the difference between a pickle and a therapist?

If you don’t know, you should stop talking to your pickle!

  • What happens when you confuse chutney and pickles?

You chuckle.

  • Why are bananas better than pickles?

Because they have a-peel.

  • When the giant cannibals started to soak me in vinegar, I’d had enough…

“Why don’t you pickle someone your own size?” I shouted.

  • What’s green and wears a cape?

Super Pickle.

  • What’s green and got two wheels?

A dill pusher.

  • A gas station was selling pickles two-for-one…

It was the dill of the day.

  • What do you call a pickle lullaby?

A cucumber slumber number.

  • I’ve just got my hand stuck in a jar of gherkins and can’t get it out…

I’m in a right pickle!

  • Why do we refer to problems as pickles?

Because they’re dill-emmas!

  • What did the arrogant pickle say?

“I’m kind of a big dill.”

  • A pickle walks into a casino and sits down at a card table…

He says, “Dill me in.”

  • Why do gherkins giggle when you touch them?

They’re pickle-ish.

  • What did the pickle say to the lemon?

“I relish our time together.”

  • What’s a baby gherkin’s favorite TV channel?


  • What did the pickle say when he was told he was going into a salad?

“I relish the thought.”

  • My pickle order was totally under-cooked…

It was really a raw dill.

  • What do you say to a pickle in the morning?

“Rise and brine!”

  • What’s green and pecks on trees?
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Woody Wood Pickle.

  • I recently got a new job as a golf caddy, but I was fired after less than an hour…

The guy asked me for a sand wedge. I don’t think he likes pickle.

  • What’s black, white, green, black, and white?

Two skunks fighting over a pickle.

  • What do you call a pickle from the southern backwoods?

A hill-dilly.

  • What do you do when a pickle wants to play cards?

Dill ’em in.

  • You hear about that crazy pickle who thought he was a flower?

What a daffy dill!

  • Why shouldn’t you shoot pool using a pickle?

Because you’ll find the cue cumbersome.

  • What’s green and swims in the sea?

Moby Pickle.

  • What did the pickle say to the cat?

Nothing; pickles can’t talk.

  • How are a bunch of soon-to-be pickles and a heavy pool stick similar?

You either have some cucumber or a cumbersome cue.

  • I once tripped on a pickle…

I’m over it now, but it was a big dill at the time.

  • A man who lived by the sea grew a cucumber so large that he was able to turn it into a house. One day a bad storm flooded the area with seawater and damaged his actual home…

Now he’s in a real pickle.

  • Why couldn’t the pickle leave the bar?

Because the door was ajar!

  • I just watched a documentary about a serial killer whose calling card was a pickle…

It was truly jarring.

  • Where do pickles go to buy a car?

The dillership!

  • I got a free pickle

It was a helluva dill.

Funny Pickle Sayings

110+ Pickle Puns & Jokes
  1. Today, the dill pickle is on holiday. The pickle is relishing every minute of his free time.
  2. I went to the supermarket yesterday, and they had 20% off on pickles. It was a big dill.
  3. A green colored pickle that pecks on trees is none other than a Woody wood pickle.
  4. The pickle lullaby for a baby cucumber can be none other than ‘cucumber slumber number.’
  5. The cucumber’s favorite TV channel is none other than the funny kid’s TV  channel ‘pickleodeon’.
  6. Baby Gherkins giggle whenever you touch them. They are so pickle-ish.
  7. I had to drop the green pickle box. Carrying them in a long queue was getting cumbersome.
  8. The relish pickle earned first position in the competition, it really is a big dill!
  9. The only thing common between a pickle and Java program is their JAR.
  10. If you are a vegan, you won’t like tro-pickle fish in a restaurant.

Dill Pickle Puns

  1. The green pickle mother told her son, “Relax, young pickle, you can dill with the situation very easily.”
  2. A giant pickle got very popular overnight, now he is kind of a big dill.
  3. On Christmas day, I had to choose between a gherkin and Vlasic. I was in a dill-emma.
  4. The mustard pickle got in a pickle when he lost his two mustar-cards in fair.
  5. The folk musician who was floating in a pickle jar was none other than the famous Bob Dill-an.
  6. Every pickle’s favorite competition,’The Biggest Pickle’ took place this past week. As usual, the winners were titled as ‘big dill.’
  7. The pickle’s favorite radio-station to listen to Bob Dill-an is the Vlasic rock station!
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Condiment Puns

110+ Pickle Puns & Jokes
  1. The condiment told the pickle that if he wanted to ketchup, he could!
  2. The condiment expressed his feelings, “I mustard the courage to leave.”
  3. Do you know, there is a special clinic for injured condiments. It’s the Mayo Clinic!
  4. A husband told his wife that he loved her as much as he loved mayonnaise. His wife blushed because she took it as a condiment.
  5. My friend bought a horse named Mayo. Whenever Mayo needs food, Mayo-neighs.
  6. My friend told me, “you are a-mayonnai-zing,” after I fixed his condiment problem.
  7. The cucumber sobbed “The condiment jumped into jar, I saw with may-onn-aise.”
  8. The pickle and dill went shopping for condiments. The pickle got tired after a while, so he said to the dill, “you go on my friend, I’ll sauce you later.”
  9. The worried mother said her husband “These pickles are making me mad. They must be canned soon!”
  10. The condiment wizard’s best-performed trick is saucery.
  11. All these pickles puns are a sauce of endless laughter.
  12. I think my cat loves condiments a lot. She is always mayo-wing.
  13. My friend and I were once trying to make art out of condiments and we ended up making a mustard piece.
  14. The cucumber told condiments “I don’t know about you, but I relish pickles!”
  15. The pickle was shopping for condiments. He made all the payments with his mustar-card.
  16. The condiments decided to have a grand pickle birthday party. They really relished it.
  17. The condiment that has been elected the leader of the city for this year is the mayo-r.
  18. If a pickle company ever want to try a new product, they can.

Clever Pickle Names

  1. Pickle Shikle
  2. Digi-dill Pickle
  3. Fickle pickle
  4. Pickle pockle
  5. Pickle Pirate
  6. Petite Pickle
  7. Exploding Pickle
  8. Pickle ladder
  9. Little Pickle
  10. Twisted pickle
  11. Dilly Pickle
  12. Pickle and pucker