225+ Ocean Puns & Jokes

Ocean Puns

  1. You little sun of a beach.
  2. Sun’s out, puns out.
  3. Avoid pier-pressure.
  4. Tis the sea-son.
  5. I stayed up all night to sea where the sun went. Then it dawned on me.
  6. Don’t get tide down.
  7. Shell yeah.
  8. Me and all of my beaches.
  9. Shell we dance?
  10. Keep your friends close and your anemones closer.
  11. Yeah, buoy.
  12. Girls just wanna have sun.
  13. Aloe! Is it me you’re looking for?
  14. All you need is a good dose of vitamin sea.
  15. High tide or low tide, I’ll be by your side.
  16. Happy as a clam.
  17. Salty but sweet.
  18. Camping is in-tents.
  19. Feeling nauti.
  20. Please excuse my resting beach face.
  21. You are one in a (water)melon.
  22. Water you doing?
  23. Tropic like it’s hot!
  24. Keep palm and carry on.
  25. Namast’ay at the beach.
  26. The ocean made me salty.
  27. Seek to sea more.
  28. Beach life shore is perfection.
  29. Hey gull friend.
  30. Seas the day!
  31. Sofishticated.
  32. I’m all about the palm trees and eighty degrees.
  33. Feeling fin-tastic.
  34. Turtle-y radical.
  35. What does a vegetable wear to the beach? A zucchini.
  36. Adios, beaches.
  37. Seas and greetings.
  38. No one likes a shady beach.
  39. Beach better have my money.
  40. Lost at sea? I’m not shore.
  41. Let’s get shipfaced.
  42. Sink or swim.
  43. Shake your palm palms.
  44. Aloha, beaches.
  45. Life’s a beach. Enjoy the waves.
  46. Stay salty.
  47. We run this beach.
  48. Sandy toes, sun-kissed nose.
  49. Shell-abrating life.
  50. Love you long tide.
  51. When there’s a will, there’s a wave.
  52. Sea you later.
  53. Are you squidding me?
  54. Figuring out my life’s porpoise.
  55. This is sun-real.
  56. You can’t surf with us!
  57. Go with the float.
  58. You used to call me on my shell phone.
  59. Feeling sand-tastic.
  60. Sun-believable day at the beach.
  61. This shore hits the spot
  62. Are you shore we have to leave?
  63. Whale done!
  64. I’m so-fish-ticated.
  65. Sending you a wave. Fish you were here.
  66. You are Jaw-some.
  67. Is it shellfish if I never want to leave?
  68. This beach has my seal of approval.
  69. I shell never leave.
  70. Whale you come to the beach with me?
  71. I’ve crabsolutely had the best day.
  72. Swell done.
  73. I really come out of my shell at the beach.
  74. Always sea life’s beauty.
  75. I’m so shore of myself.

Best Ocean Puns

280 beach puns jokes 5
  1. The ocean a-piers to be blue
  2. I rudder swim in the ocean than in a pool
  3. To be pacific, I love the Artic ocean the most
  4. There was so much commocean at the beach today
  5. I have so many emoceans
  6. I’ve got a remedy for your seasickness, it’s called a pocean!
  7. Did you hear about her promocean?
  8. They were fighting all night, it was such a bad coral – quarrel
  9. Don’t forget your sun tan locean – lotion
  10. Reel love, I’m searching for the reel love – Mary J. Blige Real Love
  11. I’m sick of this ship
  12. Make a fish! – wish
  13. I shrimply need a swim – simply
  14. If Hogwarts was in the ocean, they would play squidditch!
  15. I am done with hake friends – if you did not get this one, check out more of our articles on types of ocean fish!
  16. I am feeling very fishy about the situation – iffy
  17. The neighbor tentacles in the evening – tend to call
  18. John Ocean – Josh O’shea, an Irish soccer player
  19. Whose music do fish listen to the most? Frank Ocean
  20. What is this article a-boat anyway?
  21. Salmon Cowell – Simon Cowell
  22. Tuna Thurman – Uma Thurman
  23. We are only aquantances – acquaintance
  24. Let minnow if you love the ocean as much as I do – minnow fish
  25. Hokis Pocus – hoki fish
  26. What’s scup? – scup fish
  27. I snook out my house – snook fish
  28. He is such a catch!
  29. You are jawesome
  30. What is your favorite channel?
  31. Get outta maui!
  32. When the pirate saw some construction happening on the shore, he looked towards his henchman and said, something a-piers to be going on there.
  33. The ocean didn’t say anything to his wife before leaving for his work trip. He just waved to her.
  34. A fish was really upset because his favorite restaurant delivered his order cold. When he complained to his wife, she just told him to heat it up in the micro-wave.
  35. An ocean was really upset because he didn’t receive his dream car on his birthday. Stop being so salty, chastised his mother.
  36. We should write seas and greetings on every Christmas card, the ocean suggested to his wife.
  37. I’m not shore which watch my son will like,  muttered the ocean to the store clerk.
  38. Two ocean friends were out shopping when one of them tried on a gorgeous ballgown.You look fin-tastic!, exclaimed her friend.
  39. Oceans don’t like to go to seedy bars. They’re too so-fish-ticated for that.
  40. I missed you so much gull friend, the gull said to her friend when she met her after years.
  41. One day an ocean caught his friend stealing from a convenience store. Water you doing?, he asserted.
  42. Everyone thought the ocean was really nauty because he played a lot of pranks.
  43. An ocean fainted in the middle of his yoga lesson. Turns out, he had a vitamin sea deficiency.
  44. A group of ocean friends decided to make a girls’ trip and not allow any buoys.
  45. One should never go to the boardwalk because of other people. Pier-pressure should be avoided at all costs.
  46. An ocean father and his son were doing some holiday shopping when a sea took the sweater they were eyeing. ‘Tis the sea, son, sighed the dad.
  47. Oceans need to learn how to be more impulsive. They should seas the day as it comes.
  48. An ocean decided to eat a lobster thermidor on his 30th birthday. He wanted to shell-ebrate life.
  49. A man was relaxing on the beach when he told his wife, This view is absolutely cray-sea.
  50. A woman used to dream about an orange ocean every night when she was living next to the beach. She was dreaming up a Fanta-sea world for herself.
  51. An ocean was trying to motivate a young pearl to reach for his dreams. The world is your oyster, he told him.
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Beach Puns

280 beach puns jokes 4
  1. This is getting out of sand
  2. James Bondi – Bondi Beach
  3. The water is cold, Algae in after you  
  4. Netflix and Kill
  5. The water is crystal clear – sea for yourself!
  6. Sofishticated
  7. Oh buoy, the water is cold.
  8. Water you prefer, the beach or the pool?
  9. Stay woke, stay current
  10. I am sick and tide of these puns
  11. Coconuts about you
  12. She is never stressed, she is always coasting
  13. Put some good dunes on
  14. Beach you to it
  15. They say Moatzart loved the beach – beach moats
  16. Go with the float
  17. The weather is always less crabby by the beach!
  18. Fishing you a happy summer
  19. I want to hold your sand – The Beatles, I Want to Hold Your Hand
  20. Make sure to always keep it reel
  21. Shell yeah!
  22. It is seal-iously hot at the beach
  23. A Chrysler Seabreem – Chrysler Sebring
  24. Arowana go to the beach
  25. You’re about to get schooled – school of fish
  26. We are just Havana good time
  27. Don’t krill my vibe
  28. Smooth Krill-minal
  29. Don’t mind me, just havana drink
  30. That’s the sealiest pun I’ve ever heard
  31. The young girl at the beach was upset because her parents had banned her from surfing on the net.
  32. The beach was not shore whether he wanted to get married to the tide. He really didn’t want to get tide down.
  33. Two beaches were rushing to get to the surf-shack on time because they had a first-come, first surf policy.
  34. The beach pop star was nervous about his album. I don’t know if I’m going to be making waves, he said.
  35. A beach was telling his friend about his summer vacation. To be honest. I rudder be there than here, he said.
  36. A fish at the beach causes a lot of unneccesary commocean.
  37. Whenever the beach magician falls sick, he makes sure to have the right poceans.
  38. The beach had outperformed himself in his quarterly review. He was due for a promocean.
  39. The two young beach friends were excited to watch Salmon Cowell on TV.  
  40. All beaches are very well updated with the news because they like to stay current.
  41. The beach detective was very excited about his novel discovery. I can’t tell you about it. You need to sea it for yourself, he told his colleagues.
  42. I don’t think a beach can get tide of reading current affairs.
  43. The palm tree was dying to tell the beach that he was coconuts about her.
  44. An arrogant man hated to get advice about shells. Please, don’t shell me what I should do, he said.
  45. The beach was not convicted for the fish case because the jury didn’t find him gill-ty.
  46. The beach thought the ocean was being vague, so he asked him to be Pacific.
  47. The two beaches had a major disagreement because they couldn’t sea eye to eye.
  48. A sea was suffering from a major mid-life crisis. He told the dolphin that he didn’t know what his life’s porpoise was.
  49. Pirates have a hard time learning the alphabet. They often get stuck at C.
  50. The beach criminal was finally sentenced to life imprisonment. It surfs him right.
  51. Soldiers should not get involved in sand-to-sand combat on the beach.
  52. The beach made sure that he had the cleanest sand in the state. He wanted to sand out from the crowd.
  53. You should always carry a box of wet wipes to the beach to ensure that you’re swimming in sanditary conditions.
  54. The man didn’t know what to say when the sand accused him of stealing. He was just sanding there quietly.
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Sea Puns

280 beach puns jokes 3
  1. Where do you fuel a submarine? Shell gas station.
  2. I beseach you! – beseech
  3. I just want to sleep on the beach all day, call me lazsea – lazy
  4. Where’s the horizon? I don’t sea it!
  5. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Seacrets
  6. Seas the day!
  7. What did the captain eat for lunch? A Seasar salad.
  8. This is a fantasea
  9. In need of some Vitamin Sea
  10. Tis the Sea-sun
  11. Sea ya later
  12. We otter go for a swim
  13. You are otter this world
  14. The sea is truly fin-tastic
  15. We need moray these sunny days
  16. She is otterly burnt
  17. Stop fighting and have a cuttle
  18. The ship was really scared of his upcoming sea final. He was totally a nervous wreck.
  19. I hate going on boats because I get sea sick. The worst part is that it comes in waves.
  20. The best math student award was bagged by the octoplus.
  21. A fish was really upset his parents got him a bunk bed. He wanted to sleep on a sea bed.
  22. A fish really wanted to impress his mom and get her sea-l of approval.
  23. Fish should always have some money in the river bank so that they can avoid bankruptsea.
  24. The fish was really good at giving financial advice so he decided to open a consultansea.
  25. The sea is known to be really dependable. You could count on him during any emergensea.
  26. The sea student took her academics really sea-riously.
  27. The woman at the beach ran out of sunscreen so she decided to use a sea-rum instead.
  28. I don’t like arguing at the beach because then I have to deal with some serious con-sea-quences.
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Shell Puns

280 beach puns jokes 2
  1. Gimmie Shell-ter – The Rolling Stones, Gimmie Shelter
  2. Mishell Pfeiffer
  3. Shellebrate good times
  4. You used to call me on my Shell phone – Hotline Bling
  5. Don’t shell me what to do!
  6. One shell of a place
  7. Shell sell seashells – she’ll

Funny Puns About Water

  1. A man hated to bathe in hot water. That’s why he couldn’t handle heat waves at the beach.
  2. A boy accidentally floated out to sea. That’s when he realized he was in deep water.
  3. A man was looking through a sailection of life rafts for his upcoming boating trip. You can choose whatever floats your boat, said the clerk.
  4. When you’re in the ocean, you are free to do watever you want.
  5. The ocean didn’t really like the beach. I don’t know water problem is, exclaimed the beach to the sand.
  6. The person who can resolve a beach conflict is my mother. She has the final sea in the matter.
  7. Beaches who are driving need to have their sea-tbelt on at all times.
  8. Ocean examiners are really strict about the sea-ting arrangement at sailing competitions.
  9. The red seas were not talking to each other after Moses parted them. They had finally decided to seek a sea-peration.
  10. The beach didn’t tell anyone the secret code he used to communicate to his imaginary friend. Everyone thought he was very sea-cretive.