120+ Whale Puns & Jokes

Whale-Related Phrases

  1. Lay there like a beached whale
  2. A sea change
  3. A whale of a time
  4. As big as a whale
  5. Between the devil and the deep blue sea
  6. Happy slapping
  7. A drop in the ocean
  8. Don’t have a cow
  9. Like a bull in a China shop
  10. Holy cow
  11. Blowing one’s own horn
  12. Make like the wind and blow out of here
  13. Mickey finn
  14. Not able to make head or tail of it
  15. Old blowhard
  16. Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more
  17. A sacred cow
  18. Seize the bull by the horns
  19. Until the cows come home

Whale Jokes

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  1. Where do you calculate the mass of a cetacean? – At a whale-weigh station!
  2. What is a whale’s favourite story? – The Humpback of Notre Dame
  3. What is an orca’s favourite TV show? – Whale of fortune!
  4. What do you call a 100 year old whale? – A hunchback whale.
  5. What do whales like to chew? – Blubber gum!
  6. What kind of whale flies? – A pilot whale!
  7. Why are they called sperm whales? – Because seamen discovered them.
  8. Why was the whale so sad? – Because she was a Blue whale.
  9. Have you ever seen a fish cry? – No, but I have seen a whale blubber.
  10. What do you call a pod of musical whales? – An Orcastra.
  11. How does a group of whales make a decision? – Flipper coin!
  12. What is a blue whale’s favourite James Bond Film? – Licence to Krill
  13. Where does a killer whale go for braces? – The orca-dontist
  14. What did the dolphin say to the blue whale? “Cheer up!”
  15. What do whales like to eat? Fish and ships
  16. Why do whales like salt water? Pepper makes them sneeze
  17. What do you get when you cross a cow with a whale? Sha-Moo
  18. Why did the whale cross the ocean? To get to the other tide
  19. What is black and white and red all over? A sunburned killer whale
  20. Why did the whale call a detective? He saw something that looked fishy

Whale Puns

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  1. The little killer what had to go to the Orca-dontist to have braces put on her teeth.
  2. Ask any whale their favorite James Bond movie and they will tell you it is “License to Krill”.
  3. If a group of blue whales have to make a decision they simply just flipper coin.
  4. That large pod of musical whales putting on shows are considered to be an Orca-stra.
  5. To better calculate the overall mass of a cetacean you take them to a whale-weigh station.
  6. You may not have seen a fish cry but I bet you have seen that whale blubber.
  7. The saddest of all the underwater sea animals has to be the blue whale.
  8. Ask any whale what movie they love more than any other and they will tell you the Humpback of Notre Dame.
  9. The term sperm whale was discovered by naval seamen.
  10. When the group of Orca get together at night they love to watch the Whale of Fortune.
  11. The only whale that has the ability to fly are the pilot whales.
  12. Willy the little whale was sent home from school early because he was caught chewing blubber gum.
  13. The polite little Orca learned at a young age to always says you’re whale come.
  14. You want to party with that group of Orcas because you are guaranteed a whale of a time.
  15. Wanda whale finally asked her classmate on Valentine’s Day whale you be mine.
  16. When Orcas see a group of fish they line up and go for the krill.
  17. The sign in the underwater barber shop simply read, we are helping to shave the whales.
  18. The mommy Orca told her little babies to not worry because everything whale be alright.
  19. That young whale has a way with the ladies in part to his kriller personality.
  20. Before the Orca could leave the hospital, his doctor wanted to make sure he was whale rested.
  21. The reason the whale was arrested was because his alibi seemed a little fishy.
  22. A famous boxing whale was asked by the promoter to take a dive.
  23. The little whale was failing in school because he said he had a lot on his brine.
  24. The two whales broke up because they felt they were drifting apart.
  25. Ask a whale what their favorite meal is and they will tell you fish and chips.
  26. When a whale needs to go to the doctor to get a physical they first have to report to the weigh station.
  27. The story about that flying Orca is really a whale of a story.
  28. When the Orca family welcomed a baby whale to the family he was considered to be a little squirt.
  29. The shark kept asking the whale what was he blubbering about.
  30. Did you know that if you cross a whale and an elephant you get submarine with a built-in snorkel.
  31. If you want to get banned from Sea World all you have to do is Free Willy.
  32. When you cross a whale and a cow you wind up with Sha-Moo.
  33. The biggest difference between marine biologist and a dog is one tags a whale and the other wags a tail.
  34. The only reason that whale decided to cross the road was because he wanted to get to the other tide.
  35. The reason that an Orca can travel such long distances is because they are good at whaling cabs.
  36. That little whale calf with the stomach virus was considered a be-loogie.
  37. The best way to get that Orca whale to laugh is to tell them a whale of a tale.
  38. When the shocked patrons asked why the whale was in the theater watching a movie, he replied that he loved the book.
  39. If wondering what time it is when a whale collides with a boat, it’s time to get a new boat.
  40. Whenever the whale faces a failure and feels disappointed, he tells himself that “Everything whale be better next time!”
  41. The blue whales always feel sad and depressed by cause their lives are too over-whale-ming.
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General Whale Puns & Wordplay

120 whale puns jokes 3
  1. Out here krill-in it
  2. Whale, whale, whale, look what we have here
  3. Oh, I sea what you did there
  4. Is this real life or just a fin-tasy?
  5. You’re krillin me smalls!
  6. What a perfectly orca-strated trip
  7. Everything whale be right
  8. Oh..well, this is orc-ward
  9. Netflix & Krill?
  10. What a breach’ing time
  11. Can I tail you something?
  12. Just trying to be punctual-whale
  13. Whale hello there
  14. It vanished in fin air
  15. ‘Tis the sea-son for whale watching
  16. I just made a killer whale pun
  17. Hey now, no blubbering
  18. Any fin is possible
  19. What a visu-whale
  20. Sorry, I’ve got a lot on my brine
  21. This has been an absolutely krill-iant time
  22. Feeling a bit tide down
  23. Can’t wait to orca-nise another trip to the seaside
  24. Sometimes, life can be over-whale-ming
  25. That was sure a whale of a tale
  26. I’m going in for the krill
  27. Whale what are you waiting for?
  28. If there is a whale there is a wave
  29. Long time no sea
  30. Whale catch up soon
  31. Don’t krill my vibe
  32. I think this feeling is mutu-whale

Punny Whale-Related Gift Messages

120 whale puns jokes 2
  1. I think you’re just s’whale
  2. A little something to say whale-come
  3. I whale always love you
  4. You are one in a krill-ian
  5. There’s no-fin I wouldn’t do for you
  6. I think whale make a great team
  7. Have a flipping great birthday
  8. There’s just some fin about you…
  9. You’ve got a krill-er personality
  10. Hope you like this treat I orca-nised for you
  11. You are just fin-tastic