45+ Otter Puns & Jokes

Funny Otter Jokes

  1. Why’d the otter cross the road? To get to the ‘otter’ side! 
  2. Where did otters originally come from? Otter space!
  3. What do most people want to be on a freezing cold day? A little otter! 
  4. Did you hear that some of the aquatic animals escaped from the zoo? It was otter chaos!
  5. What did the girl otter say to her boyfriend? I think we’re drifting apart. Maybe we should see otter people!
  6. What do you call an otter who just got new glasses? A see otter!
  7. What did the principal say when the otters got detention? You otter be ashamed of yourself!
  8. What word would you use to describe what an otter looks like when shaved? Odder!
  9. What do you call a sea otter with mushrooms in both ears? Anything you want… she can’t hear you! 
  10. I get beavers, seals, turtles, and other swimming animals mixed up. I otter know better!
  11. What happened when the girl was convinced that certain swimming mammals don’t exist? She was left otterly shocked to learn she was wrong! 
  1. What do you call an otter who has a cold? A snotter!
  2. Both of my pets fell into the pool! One of them couldn’t swim at all, but the otter could!
  3. Did you hear about the legendary otter who could see and speak with ghosts? They say that he was in touch with the otter side! 
  4. What was the otter’s favorite 90s rock song? You otter know, by Alanis Morisette!
  5. What makes an otter different from any other animal? His otter parts! 
  6. What did the animal doctor say when she helped to deliver the tiny baby otter? Oh my, she is so ottorable! 

Sea Otter Puns

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  1. I got into a tussle while swimming. I got a bit bruised up, but you should see the otter guy! 
  2. I got invited to a wedding at a zoo. I was told that I could bring a plus one, but I didn’t check the box. I don’t have a significant otter. 
  3. Where do otters keep their cash? In the riverbank! 
  4. What type of car does an otter drive? An otter mobile! 
  5. Why did the young otter decide to join NASA? She wanted to go to otter space! 
  6. Who is the most famous magical wizard otter? Harry Otter!
  7. What did the walrus say to the seal after dating for only a few months? This isn’t working. I think we should be seeing otters!
  8. What do you get when an otter steals a convertible? Grand Theft Otter!
  9. What type of car does an otter like to drive? A Fur-ari! 
  10. An otter was busy moving, but got very tired and sat down to rest. He said: I’m otterly bored of logging all of this around!

Otter One-Liners

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  1. What type of bathtub do otters like to relax in? An otter tub!
  2. What did the badger say to the weasel? You should always be kind to otters!
  3. Why did the walrus choose to marry the dolphin? Because she was different from all the otters!
  4. What did the otter lawyer say to the judge? Please let it be written in the log that my client is innocent! 
  5. The other day, I called the zoo to ask the zookeeper how the otter pups were doing. They’re doing great she replied. They’re coming along swimmingly! 
  6. What did the young otter ask the otter movie star. Can I please get your ottergraph?
  7. There was a group of otters in a car. Who was driving? Probably animal control!
  8. What was the otter’s favorite Adele song? Hello from the otter slide!
  9. Two little otter siblings got into a fight. One of them hit the other. The one that got hurt ran to his mama, crying. After comforting him, she gave him some advice. Son, sometimes you have to turn the otter cheek! 
  10. Why did the otter pull his hair out to get sent to Hogwarts? So that they’d recognize him as hair-rip otter! 

Fascinating Otter Facts And Sayings

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  1. Did you know that otters are found on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica?
  2. Despite their popularity, very few people have seen a real Eurasian otter in the wild! 
  3. Otters really do build slides for fun. They’ll slide down muddy banks, splash into the water, climb back to the top, and do it all again!
  4. Did you know that otters have adapted specifically to succeed at life in the water? They even have special muscles that close their ears and nostrils, making them air-tight for swimming! 
  5. Sea otters spend the majority of their time swimming, feeding, and grooming themselves. 
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Otter Love Puns And Pick Up Lines

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  1. Will you be my otter half?
  2. We otter stick together!
  3. Hey cutie, you otter come over here and hang out with me!
  4. I want no one otter than you!