160+ Succulent Puns & Jokes

Succulent Puns

  1. I’m such a succa for a lovely new plant!
  2. I wasn’t too sure about succulents, but you know what, they really grew on me!
  3. I think you are going to be a very succ-sessful gardener!
  4. Can you be-leaf how great all my succulent plants are doing?
  5. You are my best pal, I think my life would succ without you!
  6. Please don’t leaf me!
  7. I don’t know if you know, but you’re plant-tastic!
  8. You think my plant collection looks amazing? Awwwww succs!
  9. I think you are going to be a great succ-sess!
  10. I just love my plants, I think they are so-cculent.
  11. I would offer you a succulent or two, but I haven’t botany!
  12. You’ve grown another succulent from scratch? You grow girl!
  13. I’m a succa for you.
  14. What’s up, Succa?
  15. You’re plant-tastic!
  16. You’re a succ-cess!
  17. Be-leaf in yourself!
  18. I wet my plants.
  19. Water me motha succa!
  20. I’m a succa for you!
  21. You grow, girl!
  22. Thirsty AF!
  23. Can’t succ this!
  24. What the fucculent!

Aloe Succulent Puns

160 succulent puns jokes 5
  1. Aloe you Vera much!
  2. I love my Aloe time!
  3. Aloe from the other side.
  4. Aloe! Is it me you’re looking for?
  5. Aloe can you go?
  6. Aloe darkness my old friend.
  7. Aloe in there.
  8. Hang in there I’m rooting for you!
  9. Aloe ways love you.
  10. Grow with the flow.
  11. I hope you know, aloe you vera much!
  12. Sorry, I’m vera awkward in garden centers.
  13. You had me at aloe!
  14. Aloe? Is it me you’re looking for?
  15. Say aloe to my little friend!
  16. You say goodbye, I say aloe!
  17. Aloe-lujah!
  18. Aloe, aloe, aloe, whats going on here?
  19. Aloe! It’s Vera nice to meet you.
  20. Someone has taken my succulent plant, I think it was a bit of aloe move to be honest!
  21. My aloe had to go to the doctor, they were feeling a little green!
  22. My succulent is growing really fast, don’t be gel!
  23. I don’t think you’re ready for this gel-y!
  24. Aloe beautiful!
  25. Aloe, is it me you’re looking for?
  26. Say Aloe to my little friends!
  27. Aloe from the other side
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Cactus Puns

160 succulent puns jokes 4
  1. Don’t be a prick.
  2. Free Hugs
  3. Can’t Touch This
  4. You prickle my fancy
  5. Fun Fact 3: In the wild, cactus plants can live from between 25 to 300 years.
  6. Looking sharp.
  7. Pretty fly for a cacti.
  8. Cactus makes perfect.
  9. Let’s stick together.
  10. I see your point
  11. I’ll never desert you
  12. Welcome, please feel free to stick around!
  13. Best friends stick together.
  14. I tried to think of a great cactus joke for your birthday, but I guess I’m just not that sharp.
  15. Don’t prick that one!
  16. Hmm, it would seem I’m stuck in a bit of a prickle.
  17. What do goes well in a cactus sandwich? Cheese and prickle!
  18. I have to say, you are looking sharp today!
  19. I’m stuck on you!
  20. Cacti + cactyou = cactus!
  21. You and I make a real prickly pear!
  22. I hope your day is on point!
  23. Cactus makes perfect!
  24. Grab life by the thorns.
  25. The great thing about a good cactus pun, is that it really gets to the point.
  26. I’m just here, pricking up the pieces!
  27. I am super friendly, I can just be a little prickly at times.
  28. Pretty fly, for a cacti.
  29. I love plants, but I’d like to get a pet. I’m considering getting a cat-cus!
  30. Oh no what a cac-tastrophe!
  31. Look, I love succulents, I guess you could call me a crazy cat-cti lady!
  32. To be honest, it’s not all its cactus up to be!
  33. I don’t know too many cactus jokes, but I guess bristle do.
  34. Cactus what you preach.
  35. It’s time to put all that hard work into cactus!
  36. I love the garden center, plants as a far as the cacti can see!
  37. I’m not sure a bouquet of cacti is the most prick-tical choice.
  38. Actions spike louder than words.
  39. I’m almost certain there is something wrong with my cactus, but I just can’t put my finger on it!
  40. It’s your first day on the job, don’t forget your cac-tie!
  41. It’s just not worth it to argue with a cactus… they have too many great points!
  42. Baby cacti are so cute, they are just so spiny!
  43. I hope bristle cheer you up!
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More Funny Succulent Puns

160 succulent puns jokes 3
  1. Knowledge is flower!
  2. Pot Dealer
  3. Leaf me alone.
  4. Succ it up.
  5. Plant one on me!
  6. Succ Yeah!
  7. Succ it up Buttercup.
  8. Live life in full bloom.
  9. Succulent Lover
  10. Succulent Love
  11. Home is where the succulents are.
  12. Have you botany plants lately?
  13. Oh for succs sake!
  14. I have a succy attitude!
  15. Oh no what a cactastrophe!
  16. Plants are my soil-mates.
  17. You know you want to make me sprout!
  18. You are suc-cute-lent.
  19. Vera nice to meet you.
  20. Don’t stop be leafing!
  21. Aww succs!
  22. Succ it up!
  23. Spike-ological warfare
  24. Everyone loves a good prick
  25. Before your very cacti
  26. Blame it on my roots
  27. What the fucculent?
  28. Life would succ without you!
  29. Please don’t leaf me!
  30. I’m a succa for plants
  31. You don’t Succ!
160 succulent puns jokes 2
  1. Social distancing succs!
  2. I’m vera awkward.
  3. I’m so thorny
  4. Life succs
  5. Hope your birthday doesn’t succ!
  6. Kiss my cactass!
  7. I’m a succa for you
  8. Rootin for ya
  9. What’s up succa?
  10. I don’t know if you know, but you’re plant-tastic!
  11. Don’t be a prick
  12. Live a life full of laughvender
  13. Nicolas sage
  14. Send shivers down my vine
  15. Mommy’s a succa for me!
  16. Sometimes I wet my plants
  17. I’m sexy and I grow it
  18. Talk dirt to me
  19. I know there’s something wrong with my cactus, but I just can’t put my finger on it.
  20. Well that succs.