90+ Mushroom Puns & Jokes

Best Mushroom Jokes

  1. What did the girl mushroom say to the boy mushroom?

“You’re a fun-gi.”

  1. How do you get into the mush-room?

Ring the porta-bella.

  1. How does a mushroom clean her house?

With a mush-broom.

  1. What did the grouchy mushroom say to the loud mushroom?

“Put a cap on it.”

  1. Why do mushroom children behave so well?

They don’t want to get in truffle.

  1. Where do baby mushrooms grow before they’re born?

In the mush-womb.

  1. Why is it impossible to have a conversation with a female mushroom?

Because shiitake too much.

  1. Knock, knock.

Who’s there? Mush. Mush who? Mush you always ask so many questions.

  1. What did the mushroom say after getting into a car wreck?

“Help! I’m in so much truffle!”

  1. What did the mushroom wife say to her mushroom husband at their wedding?

“I love you so mush-groom!”

  1. Why did the mushroom get stuck in traffic on the way to work?

It was mush-hour.

  1. Why did the fun-gi (fun guy) leave the party?

There wasn’t mush-room.

  1. What does a fast mushroom car say?

“Shroom! Shroom!”

  1. Why do toadstools grow so close together?

They don’t need mush-room.

  1. Why was the mushroom arrested?

For stalking.

  1. What do you call a mushroom encyclopedia?

A fung-guide to mushrooms.

  1. Why won’t the mushroom buy a couch?

He prefers toadstools.

  1. Why did the mushroom hate going to school?

He was always spored.

  1. Did you hear the joke about fungus?

You may not like it at first, but it will definitely grow on you.

  1. What made the mushroom farmer a good person?

He had really good morels.

  1. What does a mushroom buy when it’s having a mid-life crisis?

A spores car.

  1. How much room do fungi need to grow?

As mush-room as possible.

  1. What do mushrooms enjoy eating around a campfire?


  1. Why does the fungi always win the argument?

He doesn’t leave mush-room for debate.

  1. What happens when two fungi get married?

They become fung-us.

  1. What do you call a mushroom that makes music?

A de-composer.

  1. What does a mushroom do for fun?

Play spore-ts.

  1. Why did the mushroom lose the weightlifting competition?

He wasn’t stroganoff.

  1. What veggie goes best with jacket potatoes?

Button mushrooms.

  1. What did the mushroom request when booking his hotel?

“A shroom with a view, please!”

  1. What did the fungi say when he was offered seconds at dinner?

“No thanks. I don’t have mush-room left in my stomach.”

  1. What do you get if a frog eats a mushroom?

A toadstool.

  1. What does a polite mushroom say?

“Thank you very mush!”

  1. Where do mushrooms hang out on Saturday night?

The salad bar.

  1. What happens when the mushroom’s car breaks down?

It gets toad.

  1. What do you call a giant mushroom?


  1. Why did the mushroom have to leave her home?

It was growing toxic by the day.

  1. Why couldn’t the mushroom get into the club?

He wasn’t mold enough.

  1. When do mushrooms retire?

When they get too mold.

  1. How do mushrooms work from home?

They host meetings on Zhroom.

  1. What do mama mushrooms sing to their babies?

“Mush little baby, don’t say a word…”

  1. Why did the mushroom need time off work?

Because he was fried.

  1. How do you ask a mushroom to be quiet?


  1. Why are mushrooms so filling?

Because once you’ve eaten them, you don’t have mush-room left in your stomach.

  1. Did you hear about the mushroom that had to make a tough choice?

He had a morel dilemma.

  1. Why doesn’t the word “mushroom” make a good computer password?

It’s not stroganoff.

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Best Mushroom Puns and One-Liners

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  1. I want to share a joke about fungus, but I don’t have enough shroom to write it down.
  2. Eating mushrooms in the morning is the breakfast of champignons.
  3. I didn’t always like mushrooms, but they’ve finally started to grow on me.
  4. Mushrooms can’t be trusted — they’re notorious for stalk-ing.
  5. A mushroom in need says, “Help! I’m in truffle!”
  6. I’m spored of your mushroom puns. I thought you were a fun-gi. Got shroom for any new material?
  7. Mushroom puns are perfect for any occasion. They’re portabella and can be read on the go.
  8. What do you mean you don’t want to hang out? I’m a fun-gi!
  9. He may have been a fun-gi, but he sure did have questionable morels.
  10. Unfortunately, many mushroom puns are in spore taste.

More Mushroom Puns

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  1. ‍In the mushroom bus, one mushroom said to the other, “Please scoot over, there is not mush room.”
  2. Generally, when a mushroom needs help they should “Help me, I’m in truffle!”
  3. You should never trust a mushroom because they are good stalk-ers.
  4. I saw a tiny house on my way over from the forest. Looked like it did not have mush room.
  5. When the mushroom comedian made a few insensitive jokes, the audience said, “His jokes reflect spore taste.”
  6. Normally, mushrooms are referred to as fungis because they are no truffle at all.
  7. The mushroom could not wear the shirt because it lost a button.
  8. The mushroom did not enjoy the story because it had questionable morels.
  9. I wanted to make a new beverage by putting mushroom in my cola. I wrote a gist on it for my cooking teacher. Called it my-cola-gist.
  10. A little guy made a house inside a mushroom. He had porch-in-i mushroom.
  11. The favorite place to hang out for a mushroom is the salad bar.
  12. A mushroom car generally makes the sound: Shroom, shroom.
  13. The mushroom hunter liked the other mushroom because he lifted her morels.
  14. A mushroom hunter may appear stern, but they can be really fun guys.
  15. Ten mushroom hunters competed in a small forest. There was not mush room left.
  16. A mushroom that can be easily carried around is called a portabellos.
  17. When you feed mushrooms to a frog, you get toadstool.
  18. The mushroom farm was dark because there wasn’t mush room to hang lights.
  19. I was not really a fan of mushrooms, but then they grew on me.
  20. My brother likes to have mushrooms for breakfast because it makes him feel like a champignon.
  21. Mushrooms are really easy to cook because there is not have mush-room for error.
  22. Never set your password as “mushroom”. It is not stroganoff.
  23. A mushroom with a lot of spikes should be called a hedgehog mushroom.
  24. The reason why mushrooms are always welcome even in high-end parties is because everybody believes they are really fun-guys.
  25. We all know that rooms are just empty spaces, and no one can even dream of making a delicacy out of them. The only room is the mushroom.
  26. If your imagination hits peak high and you combine a toadstool and a suitcase, you won’t have mushroom for your vacation clothes.
  27. The reason why toadstools always grow so close to each other is because they are contented with minimal space. They don’t need mush-room to grow.
  28. The author kept lugging around his book on mushrooms because he got wind that it was really portabella.
  29. There is always a first time to everything. For instance, when you take a mushroom either for lunch or dinner, you will be amazed at how magical it is.
  30. There are lots of funny jokes about mushrooms that can give you stitches. However, you need to be patient enough because they need time to grow on you.
  31. At the party, the vegetarian girl won’t eat the mushrooms reason being, somebody told her that they were oyster mushrooms.
  32. Have you ever heard of mushroom cars? Well, they have an interesting sound which goes line shroom shroom!
  33. Mushrooms always hate going to school. They feel inferior before the rest because they are always so spore-d.
  34. If you are preparing jacket potatoes, your choice vegetables should be button mushrooms.
  35. Mushroom puns are the best for any occasion. They are very portabella.
  36. The fungi turned down seconds at dinner because he never had mushroom.
  37. Halloween parties are so exciting and full of people. If you are a fungi, you may have to leave at some point because the venues get packed and there isn’t mush-room left.
  38. When finally the encyclopedia on mushrooms was out, it was given the title ‘A Fungi-de to the Mushrooms’.
  39. The forager was in such mixed moods this morning and we guessed he picked and ate the wrong class of mushrooms.
  40. When Mr. Mushroom saw Miss Mushroom, he didn’t hesitate to ask her out on a date because he had she was such a fungi-rl.
  41. When darkness sets in, fungi much like many other organisms go to sleep, but in mush-rooms.
  42. If there was to be a beauty contest bringing together all the beautiful mushrooms on the face of the earth, the porta-bella mushroom would carry the day.
  43. You can virtually stay in any room. The only one you can’t is the mush-room because it is reserved for fungi.
  44. The Dursley family is the only one along the street that doesn’t take mushrooms. Not for any particular reason, but just because they were told the mushrooms were magic.
  45. During the contribution’s session, the mushroom family never gave a lot. They were just two spore.
  46. Imagine a fleet of mushroom passenger planes landing at the air-portabella! It would look so magical.
  47. The only room with no doors, walls, or windows, but still stands is the mush-room.
  48. At midday, the fairly looked for at toadstool on which to sit. She was tired of flying.
  49. At the mall, mushrooms ex-girlfriend had to call the police on him because he wouldn’t stop stalking her.
  50. The best way to tell toxic mushrooms from those that are edible is simple. Give them to your little brother to eat first.
  51. When mushroom walked into the bar, the bartender couldn’t usher him to a sit because there wasn’t much room. However, in a sharp rejoinder, the mushroom said to him, “I am such a fun-gi.”
  52. The only way the mushroom could think of decorating his house was with toadstools.
  53. The reason the girl hated mushrooms is because they were too mushy.
  54. I always invite the mushroom to my party because he is such a fun-guy.
  55. All of the fungi have to leave the New Year party because there is not mush-room there.
  56. What does the mushroom say to his lover? – “I have so mush-room in my heart for you, baby!”
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Fungi Puns

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  1. A mushroom is always nice to have around because it is a fun-guy.
  2. The flower mistook the mushroom to be a fun guy but it turned out to be a fungi.
  3. An encyclopedia on mushrooms should be called ‘A Fungi-de to Mushrooms’.
  4. Everyone in our neighborhood loves Mrs Mushroom since she’s such a fungi-rl.
  5. Unfortunately, you cannot expect too much from mushrooms during a charity collection. They are just too spore.
  6. A giant mushroom is called a hufungus.
  7. My father cooked us mushrooms. Later he asked “Having fun guys”?
  8. I am a fungi, but I still do not have questionable morels.
  9. The fungus who did not believe in God turned out to be an imposter – actually, an ath-yeast.
  10. Mushrooms are present at almost all buffets. In the hot food bar, the salad bar, even in a seafood bar, you might see oyster mushrooms!
  11. I dressed up as a mushroom for Halloween because I am a fungi.
  12. My friend said she does not like fun-guys. So I decided to be more hedgy.

Dwarf Puns

  1. A dwarf can easily stay under a mushroom, even though there is not mush-room.
  2. A dwarf had to leave his mushroom home, as it was growing toxic by the day.
  3. Studies show that out of seven dwarfs, six are not Happy.
  4. I saw a dwarf slide down a mushroom stalk with much vigor. That was a little condescending.
  5. The only dwarf you should stay away from during the winter is Sneezy.
  6. Since the dwarf was really tired, he sat down to rest on a toadstool.

Story Puns

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  1. It started getting too cold out here. So I did not shower for weeks. When I finally did, I saw mushrooms growing out of my feet. I did not realize it would take me a week without a bath to become a fun-gi.
  2. A suspicious-looking mushroom walks into a restaurant. The waiter says, “We do not serve your kind here.” The mushroom replies, “Hey, do not say that, I am really a fungi!”
  3. One day, I noticed that a mushroom was growing from the walls of my apartment. So I called my mother. I asked her what should I do. She replied, “Whichever dish you decide to make, wash them first.”
  4. My sister came home early tonight. She was going to cook garlic butter mushrooms. But then something came up. She didn’t have anymore thyme for dinner.
  5. The neighbor was telling his daughter about the ill-effects of poisonous mushrooms, the other day. Today the daughter came home with allergies from a poisonous mushroom. Looks like she has spore taste.
  6. A few days ago, the government banned access to outsiders on the hilly areas which were covered with mushrooms. The public sided with the local farmers on this decision. It was a matter of morel high ground.
  7. The mushroom used to be a fungi. Everybody liked him. But recently, he was restricted from entering parties because he had questionable morels.
  8. There was once a wealthy farmer. He harvested grains, but one day he thought of shifting to mushrooms as he figured that it was more profitable. Turns out he was wrong. There was not much-room for mushrooms in the market.
  9. I came back home from grocery shopping the other day. Immediately my brother asked me where the mushrooms were. I said, “There was not mushroom in my trolley.” He started throwing things at me. Was not a fungi anymore.
  10. A team of mushrooms was playing basketball against a team of cabbages. The mushrooms won. Everyone cheered for the champignons.
  11. When the new mushroom in town started cooking dinner for the townsfolk with a brand new recipe, everybody was a bit worried about it. But the mushroom said, “Don’t worry, it’s maitake on the recipe.”